Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go Plus is a bluetooth enabled device that connects to your smart phone. This is a wearable device that links to your smartphone through Bluetooth and informs you when a Pokemon is nearby as you travel the streets.

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Pokemon Go Plus Autocatch

Our Pokemon Go Plus Bluetooth Wristband now with Autocatch function! Ideal for those who want to catch even easier Pokemon!

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Pokemon Go Plus Customer Reviews

I’m impressed with the speed in receiving this product. With a flip of a switch the Pokémon Go plus auto-catch and auto-spin stops without vibration. Flip the switch and the Pokémon Go plus works normally.

Matthew Fisher

Brilliant, bought this ages ago but only just started using it. Means I catch an extra 30 pokemon a day without taking my hands out my pockets!


 I can play Pokemon Go while my screen is off, with my phone in my purse of pocket. It tracks steps for your buddy candy and egg hatching, it notifies you when a pokemon/stop is nearby.