7 Cute Pokémon Plushies

There’s no doubt that plushies have gotten more and more adorable since back when we were children. Who wouldn’t love having a nice, cute, and cuddly plush toy to hold and snuggle up against? Only someone who doesn’t have a heart! And when it comes to plushies, who disagrees that Pokémon plushies are some of the most adorable tiny creatures ever invented?

The delightful and cute Pokémon plushies give kids the perfect excuse to relive their precious Pokémon memories and snuggle up to their all-time favorite “pocket monsters” in the form of adorable plushies. Hence, in this guide, we bring you some of the cutest and too-nice-to-not-cuddle Pokémon plushies that you should definitely add to your collectibles right away!


Top 7 Pokémon Plush Toys

Any self-respecting and die-hard Pokémon fan is bound to have an ever-growing collection of Pokémon plush toys swarmed on their bed, desk, and/or car. Time and again now, a new plush just releases that truly deserves its very own honorable place in your personal space.

So, if you have a heart for Pokémon, you must have a look at our top 7 picks for the most adorable, precious, and cutest Pokémon plushies. And if you’re a human without a heart, we ensure this will definitely make you grow one! 


1. Pikachu

Pikachu, proudly known as the face of Pokémon, is indeed one of the most recognizable and iconic names around. We would be mad to not include this classic Pokémon character on the list. If you love Pokémon, it is hard to believe you don't have at least one Pikachu toy or plush snuggled somewhere in your bedroom space or desk. And really, would you even consider yourself a true Pokémon fan if there’s no Pikachu in the house?

Lovely Pikachu

There’s no denying that Pikachu was, is, and will always remain the heart and soul of the entire Pokémon universe, which makes it all the more essential for us to add a Pikachu Pokémon plushie to this list! Get ready to start saying “pika pika” to your adorable Pikachu plush animal.

Pikachu Pokémon plush is so cute that it will definitely break all records of the “awws” and high-pitched squeaks and squeals you’ve made in your life till now! There’s simply nobody in the Jyoto region who wouldn’t have this exact reaction after seeing a Pikachu plush toy.

On a scale of 1-10 in adorableness, Pikachu can definitely wipe the entire floor with it because he is just so adorable. Its intense and bright yellow color and that sweet look in his eyes represent nothing but positive vibes and energy in bounty. 

Besides, what reason(s) do you have to not want to add a Pikachu plushie to your collection? He was forever faithful to his beloved owner Ash, and he’ll definitely be loyal to you too!


2. Snorlax

Is having Pokémon plushies so comfy that it makes you feel sleepy such a bad thing? Well, it sure isn’t. It really doesn’t matter what time of the day you just clutch an adorable plush toy close to your chest, enough to forget about the rest of the world.


Whether you enjoy being exhausted and tired out or not, you simply can’t deny the ultimate pull of the mighty Snorlax! A Snorlax Pokémon plushie is something you can only look at with profound awe.

Come to imagine, wouldn’t life just be so great if we could all be a bit more like Snorlax? The adorable blue cushion with dreamy eyes knows the best way to live his life to the fullest. One look at it, and you won’t have a hard time understanding why Snorlax has become a favorite of many in the Pokémon world.

A soft and pillowy Snorlax plush is indeed a must amongst the Snorlax imitators out there. It gives you the perfect excuse to be lazy and carefree. Just lie your head down against Snorlax and seamlessly drift into a magical dream filled with your favorite Pokémon catching adventures. 

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3. Umbreon

Looking like Eevee that evolved with high friendship during the nighttime, your all-time favorite Pokémon, Umbreon, has not turned into a soft, comfy plush! The Moonlight Pokémon, Umbreon, is a delightful creature of the dark. It's dark and mysterious appearance is what makes it so attractive.


An Umbreon is said to be quite rare in the wild. So, this is why it is a must to add an Umbreon Pokémon plush to your collections. The carefully detailed plush toy reveals some of the best features of this magnificent Pokémon character, from its beautiful tail and gold-ringed ears to its forehead ring and intense and bright crimson eyes to its pitch black sleek body and slender legs.

Being a part of the Eevee line, an Umbreon is one of our personal favorites, which is why we’ve added it on our list of must-have Pokémon plushies. Adorable, supreme quality, and huggable, the Umbreon plushie is the perfect toy for a Pokémon lover and collector.

The soft and endearing Umbreon Pokémon plush is ideal for just cuddling or playing catch with and makes the perfect gift for Pokémon fans. So, what are you waiting for! Your most beloved pocket monster character is out there, waiting for you!

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4. Scorbunny

Once you get your hands on one Pokémon plush, there’s no stopping, and it can be tough to resist getting another. And, if you are also a sucker for collectible items (like us), then you definitely need a Scorbunny plushie in your life! 


As one of the first partner Pokémon of the Galar region, Scorbunny is truly loved by collectors worldwide. So, unless you get yourself a soft, comfy, and huggable plushie of this unique fire-type Pokémon for your office, couch, desk, or bed today, you’re seriously missing out on some good stuff. 

The Scorbunny plushie takes inspiration from its original appearance in the Pokémon Sword and Shield. It is perfect for all your adventures on the go, cozy mornings watching Pokémon, and even the imaginary Pokémon battles we all envision being a part of! The incredible details make it appear like a Scorbunny has jumped right out from the Poké world, straight to Earth.

A Scorbunny Pokémon Plushie will just give you an excuse to fill up your entire bedroom or desk space with more of Pokémon’s adorable plush toys. But, without a doubt, with the incredible amount of cuteness the Scorbunny has, it’s bound to be the cutest, softest, and cuddliest of them all. 

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5. Eevee

Choosing just one of the many Eeveelutions for this list was incredibly hard. So the safest thing to do was to stick to the primary reason why all the other creatures from this line exist in the first place, and that’s because of Eevee herself. With its big, gorgeous eyes and ears, and her charming little pink paw pads, we dare you not to fall in love at first sight.


While you all might have your own most preferred Eeveelution out there, the main thing that binds all Pokémon lovers is the effect they have on their base Pokémon. Indeed, there would be no Espeon or Umbreon without Eevee, and that would be really saddening.

Though most Pokémon plushies you’ll come across will seem super happy, but out of them all, Eevee appears to be the happiest. All the detail lies in that endearing smile and that glorious mane of hers, making it hard for one not to coo at it.

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6. Vulpix

Vulpix is a foxlike pocket monster with impressive reddish-brown fur. They are native to many renowned regions but with Kalos as an exception. Inside this creature’s body burns a spark that never burns goes out. A Vulpix Pokémon Plush toy has the most adorable snout and nose.


Its most incredible and distinctive feature has to be its charming curling tail, with six glorious orange tails, all curled at the tips. A Vulpix plush from the Pokémon Center Original is all you need to get set and go exploring. It'll be a lovely addition to your collectible items and fit just right in your cozy bedroom. Or, you can just take it on the go.

Children of all ages can make up the most fascinating Pokémon stories with their soft and cuddly Vulpix plushie, envisioning fun-filled Pokémon world adventures and performing Pokémon battles. So whether you prefer to use it in battle or for cozy snuggles, your adorable Vulpix plush is all set to be yours. 

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7. Mimikyu

Without even a shadow of a doubt, Mimikyu is one of the strangest little Pokémon. It’s a rather lonely Pokémon that wants to be loved like all others. Hence, a Mimikyu plush version is no exception.


Envying all the fandom and merchandise Pikachu encourages, all this little guy wants is friends. But it usually goes about this wrong by attempting to mimic little Pikachu, as you can see from its name.

At first glance, a Mimikyu almost appears to look like a creature of some sort from a gothic and horror Tim Burton animation. However, in its plush version, we ensure you won’t be able to resist giving it a tight hug and squeeze and cuddle around with it all day long.

Its bendable neck allows you to display your Mimikyu plushie in many different poses. So, you can tilt its head over to reveal its busted form or keep it upright in its disguised form. Whichever way it is, Mimikyu will be the happiest just having you as its beloved friend. So, what’s stopping you from getting a Mimikyu plushie and giving it a hug?

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Wrapping Up

That’s just about enough to wrap up our guide to the cutest Pokémon plushies you must get your hands on and add to your collectible items. What you do with your Pokémon plush toy is entirely up to you. However, since Pokémon continues to remain very popular, whenever you buy any plushie to add to your collection, it’s a good idea to keep the tag intact.

The more you take care and look after your Pokémon plush toys, the better price you’ll get for them if you ever decide to cash in on your valuable Pokémon catches. And clean them the right way, not only for the sake of your investment in them but to get the most of your toys.