Everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite!

Pokemon Unite 

The Pokemon Company is the most prominent media franchise of all time; it has its foothold in almost every genre of games and entertainment industry. From the main series of Pokemon games or Pikachu Toys to cute Pokemon plushies, the Pokemon franchise has seen success in every sector. And a new and exciting addition to this ever-growing franchise will be Pokemon Unite! 

When Pokemon Unite was first announced, the fans were surprised, to say the least. MOBA or multiplayer battle arena games are not something the Pokemon company is known for. Still, the footage that was shown to us on the announcement got the fans excited. It only made sense for Pokemon to adapt this genre of game as well, as MOBAs are immensely popular right now.

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Pokemon Unite features and gameplay!

Pokemon Unite will be a MOBA, so those who’ve played MOBAs before will know what to expect from Unite.

The Pokemon will be divided into five categories: attacker, speedster, all-rounder, defender, and supporter. These Pokemon will enhance each other’s abilities making the game even more fun to play. The game’s goal will be straightforward; you’ll have to beat your enemies to collect Aeos orbs. Once you have them, you’ll have to put them in your enemy’s goals. The game will end in 10 minutes, and by the end, whichever team has the most points will win!

The teaser showed us a glimpse of what to expect from the game. The gameplay aside, the Pokemon will keep the game relevant as newer Pokemon keep getting added to the game, the players will likely keep coming back to play once again with their favorite Pokemon. As of now there are more than 800 Pokemon, and Pokemon Unite won’t have all of them at launch, so expect Unite to keep adding newer features and updates to the game for a long time.


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Aeos Island and your trainer character

Just like any other Pokemon game, Unite will also be set in a new region, the Aeos islands, to be precise. Here Researcher Erbie and Professor Phorus are researching the Aeos energy. Canonical material makes the game even more fun to play as it livens up the world you’re playing in.

On the islands, you’ll be able to battle in different venues depending upon the model you choose; as of now, there are the 5v5 and 3v3 options available, and probably more game modes will be added in the future. The different venues have different features to keep getting a fresh experience every time you choose a new one.

Every arena or stadium will have a legendary pit in the middle of it, where a legendary Pokemon will reside!

The game also has a character and Pokemon customization option, so you can personalize your trainer the way you want to. Some multiple outfits and costumes will be available in the game, not just for the player but also for your Pokemon. So basically, you’ll be able to have a Pikachu with a hoodie on; just imagine how cute it’ll look!


Will Pokemon Unite be a pay-to-win game?

Many great games were ruined due to the introduction of pay-to-win features in the game. And many fans feared this in the case of Pokemon Unite as it is a free-to-play game at first, but it looks like it won’t be the case. Yes, there are many micro-transactions in the game, but these are for cosmetic purposes mostly. The game won’t be a pay-to-win game.


Release date

The game has already been released for the Nintendo switch on 21st July. The mobile version will be released in a couple of months. If some credible sources are believed, September is when the game will land on mobile devices. And the best part is Pokemon Unite will be a cross-platform game!