Everything you need to know about the Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus!

Everything you need to know about the Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus!

Pokemon GO was revolutionary; it ushered in a new era of mobile gaming; at one point, almost the entire world was addicted to the game. The game has seen a significant increase in its popularity since its inception, but it wasn’t able to fulfill the goal it set out to accomplish. The original vision behind Pokemon GO was about exploring the real world!

Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon GO creators wanted players to go out and explore their vicinity, see stuff they haven’t seen before, and, most importantly, explore and catch Pokemon! But the reality is different. Yes, Pokemon GO forced many players to go out and venture into the real world to find Pokemon, but it wasn’t the way Pokemon Go envisioned it. People were exploring, but their eyes were glued to the phone, where most gameplay happened.

To counter this issue, the Pokemon company created the Pokemon GO Plus and also the Pokeball Plus. The product’s intention was simple; players could enjoy the Pokemon GO experience without being glued to their phones and be safer when on roads. So what is Pokemon GO plus, and how does it help the player?


Pokemon GO Plus, the best companion on your journey!

Pokemon GO Plus is a tiny device that acts as a companion to the app. It is designed to look like a location symbol and borrows its color from the iconic Pokeball colors. It is worn on the hand using a wristband and can be attached to any piece of clothing by attaching a clip to it. It is a pretty versatile product, and the minimal design surely helps it blend in with any outfit the player’s wearing.


How does it work?

The device has a single button in the middle; the button changes colors and can be pressed. The device is straightforward to use as it connects to any smartphone having Bluetooth functionality in it. You can go to the app’s settings and tap on the Pokemon GO Plus device to connect.

Once you’re connected, you’re pretty much ready to go. When you are in the vicinity of a Pokestop or a Pokemon, the device will blink and vibrate to notify you. You then have to press the button to interact. If it’s a Pokestop, pressing the button will spin the Pokestop, and if it’s a Pokemon, pressing the button will throw a Pokeball at the pokemon.

On successfully spinning the poke stop, a multicolor light should be seen blinking, and the same goes for when a pokemon gets caught. If the light blinks red, it means the Pokemon has Fled. Though this is a valuable feature, you can’t choose which Pokeball to throw, and it only throws one. 

You can check what Pokemon you caught and the items you collected while using Pokemon GO Plus by checking the logs. 

The device is excellent for leveling up faster because you won’t have to pull out your phone every time you encounter a Pokemon or Pokestop. This is both healthy and safe, as many accidents occurred due to the players not paying attention on the roads.

Pokemon Go Plus Autocatch 


Pokemon GO Plus and other similar devices are worth the money, they can be used to traverse the surroundings more safely, and you can enjoy the scenery. This brings the players to close to the vision the Pokemon GO creators had in mind. If your kid plays Pokemon GO, this device becomes even more crucial, as having children running around on roads catching virtual animals isn’t the safest!