Pokemon Community Day Events in August

The Pokemon Community day events that pop up every month are the highlight of the Pokemon GO community. Every month, the Pokemon GO community ventures out in the wild to encounter a special Pokemon that month and learn a previously unavailable move, evolve the Pokemon, and earn a ton of Community day bonuses in the process!

The community day events bring the Pokemon GO fans together, which is what the game was made for. So let’s take a look at all the exciting Pokemon GO events that will take place in August 2021!

Eevee Community Day August 2021 Pokemon GO!

Community Day Eevee!

We’ll be having another Eevee Community Day; some fans were not happy about this pick. But another Eevee community day means you’ll have more time to get a Shiny Eevee and evolve it into your desired eeveelution. The community day will have many bonuses and buffs in store for the player, making the event more fun.

The Community Day will be held on a weekend, August 14th-15th, and it will last from 11 am to 5 pm. This will give you a total of 12 hours to complete the tasks and earn special bonuses. You can get a ton of shiny eevees in this time frame! 

The time window to evolve your Eevee into your desired eeveelution and get the exclusive move is from 13th August to 16th August, which is more than the Community Day event. Here’s the list of the exclusive moves you can get when evolving your Eevee -


Vaporeon - Scald

Jolteon - Zap Cannon

Flareon - Superpower

Espeon - Shadow Ball

Umbreon - Psychic

Leafeon - Bullet seed

Glaceon - Water Pulse

Sylveon - Psyshock


Umbreon, Sylveon, and Flareon have the best exclusive moves, and Vaporeon has the worst out of the bunch.


Extra Buffs

The lure modules and the incense sticks will last for 3 hours on the days of the event. The egg hatch distance will become 1/4th the original distance. So make sure you capitalize on all the free buffs that you’ll be getting this community day.

Pokemon Go Plus 

Other events in August! 

The shadow legendary of the month is Ho-oh, so if the Pokemon interests you in any way, this is the time to go and capture it.

The Research Breakthrough will allow you to catch the shiny Chimecho and also give you some extra stardust in the process 

This month, the big raids will have Dialga from 23rd July to August 6th, Palkia from August 6th to 20th, and finally an unknown Pokemon from August 20th to 31st. Judging by the previous Pokemon, the surprise Pokemon just might be Giratina as it will complete the Sinnoh region legendary trio. It will also be a great way to hype up the upcoming Gen 4 remakes, Brilliant diamond, and Shinning Pearl!

Go battle night is scheduled for 26th August, so it is a great time to get a ton of stardust even if you’re not interested in PVP. Apart from that, there are spotlight hours as well where you can get some great pokemon.



The month of August is jam-packed with significant events for every Pokemon GO player; regardless of your play style, this month has a lot of content in store for you. The Eevee community day will surely be the highlight of the month. The significant events of this month are the Dialga and Palkia raids, which will be followed by a surprise Pokemon raid.

The Go battle night will help players get a lot of stardust; whatever league you prefer, you should try and get as many wins as possible, as it is the best time to progress in the game!