Top 5 cutest Pokemon that’ll make your day!

Cute Pokemon

There are dangerous Dragons and underwater monsters in the world of Pokemon, but there are also many adorable-looking Pokemon that will just melt your heart on a look. The creators at Pokemon are well aware of what the fans like and what the fans desire the most. Yes, the legendaries and starters have a different place in every trainer’s heart, but an endearing Pokemon can easily replace this. 

As of now, there are more than 800 different Pokemon designs to choose from, and our list has somehow managed to condense down the number to a mere 5. But these are the top 5, based on the fan’s reception of the Pokemon, their popularity, and most important their cuteness! And yes, this is a tiered list, so the Pokemon on the first spot will be the cutest.

Just a brief disclaimer before we proceed, Art is subjective, and not everyone will like the same Pokemon, but the list is based on facts!



Sylveon is the manifestation of cuteness and grace; the Pokemon somehow looks like a cute little animal and a gracious princess of the Pokemon world while being a badass dragon slayer!. The pink color adds to the attractive design, and the ribbons coming out the back of his head make it look like an Olympic dancer!

Not only the looks, though, the Pokemon might look fragile and frail, but surprisingly it can slay dragons! It is by far the best evolution out there and a great fighter overall. Hence when a Pokemon has so many perks, it’s hard to leave it out of the list. Therefore our number 5 is Sylvion!



The one thing that every Pokemon fan muttered when they heard the sweet voice of Togepi for the first time was Awwww!

This baby Pokemon was the center of attention in many episodes. The fans who’ve watched the original series will know how adorable Misty’s Togepi was. Everything from the voice to the design of the Pokemon is remarkable. Due to its appearance in the original series, this Pokemon has become popular amongst the fans; hence it is on our list!


Alola Vulpix

Now this one will be controversial, but hear me out. Vulpix is one of the cutest Pokemon designs of all time; it is a puppy, who doesn’t love puppies. But the Alolan Vulpix is just so much better. The white color suits the Pokemon elegantly; it has a sense of pride when it walks.

The typing adds to the mystical aura of the Pokemon; it is a white puppy that can attack with ice; any girl will go crazy for such a pet!


Lovely Vulpix



Mimikyu took the world by storm when it first was introduced. The Pokemon’s basic form is pretty nasty, but the mask it wears is just so adorable. It tries to imitate the glory and admiration Pikachu gets by dawning a Pikachu costume.

Though it might not become Pikachu, it looks adorable while doing it. There’s something about the Pokemon that caught the eyes of the Pokefans.



The runner-up was trying to imitate Pikachu; well, why won’t he? It is probably the best-known Pokemon of all time. Not only amongst the Pokemon community but in the world, even an average person walking on the road will know what a Pikachu is!

Many fans don’t like the design anymore, but why change something that isn’t broking. The Pikachu design is legendary and the cutest of all. Infact it is so cute that the Pokemon company has tried multiple times to create a Pikachu clone, but no one can dethrone the king, the yellow mouse Pokemon Pikachu, who is the pinnacle of cuteness!!

 Cute Pikachu