Snorlax Pokémon #143

Pokémon Snorlax

Snorlax was first introduced in Generation I of Pokémon and evolves from Munchlax. It levels up with high friendship, resulting in this Normal-type Pokémon. Today we’re going to take a look at everything you need to know about Snorlax and share some fun facts about this Pokémon. 


Snorlax’s Appearance and Eating Habits

Snorlax is a huge Pokémon that has a dark blue-green body with cream accents on its face, feet, and belly. Its belly takes up the majority of its composition, and the feet and arms are smaller in comparison. Snorlax is known for its pointed ears, two pointed teeth, and round feet. Due to Snorlax’s bulky appearance, it is the heaviest of the Normal-type Pokémon. It’s believed that Snorlax is inspired by giant pandas, teddy bears, or hibernating bears, which we can clearly see from its appearance. It’s also believed to be based on a food coma, as taking a nap is something we commonly need to do after eating so much.

As its name suggests, Snorlax spends the majority of its time sleeping in the forests and mountains. Its name is created from a combination of the words ‘snore,’ and ‘lax’ or ‘relax.’ In the games within Generations I and II and their remakes, Snorlax is often found sleeping in particularly inconvenient locations. Trainers awaken Snorlax with a Poké Flute or Pokégear on the Poké Flute channel. Otherwise, the only time it does wake up is to eat, and it needs a whopping 900 lbs. of food each day. As you can imagine, Snorlax is happy to eat almost anything, even moldy food, thorny plants, and Muk’s poison. It even has the ability to eat when resting and is the only Pokémon that can use the G-Max Move G-Max Replenish and the Z-Move Pulverizing Pancake.


Giant Snorlax Plushie


Snorlax in Battle

When Snorlax is prompted to attack, it can be incredibly powerful. However, Snorlax barely moves and only lifts up its body and attacks with its legs and arms in battle. As it is a Gigantamax, a tree can sprout from its stomach when small rocks and seeds that were tangled in its fur grow. When this tree grows, it will have three red clouds surrounding it. In this form, it’s also the strongest Dynamax Pokémon to be found.


Appearances Throughout the Series

Throughout the Pokémon series, you’ll find Snorlax completes different actions. For example, in the Pokémon Stadium series and other 3D games, it will open its eyes when fainting. In Pokémon Snap, the Poké Flute can be used to make it dance while standing up. In both Pokémon Gold and Silver, Snorlax is able to learn Charm by breeding, however, no other Pokémon within the Monster Group can perform an Egg Move to pass it down within these games. In Generation III, Bulbasaur is able to use chain breeding so Snorlax can inherit the Egg Move. 

Snorlax can be seen throughout the Pokémon games, anime, and manga, and it is easy to identify thanks to its huge body and sleepy personality. Now that you know a little more about Snorlax, we hope these fun facts will come in handy the next time you come across this Pokémon.